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The world is rapidly changing, and we are using more devices than ever before. FriendUP allows you do access the same virtual cloud computer on all of your devices, giving you an unprecedented level of access to your data, apps and services.

Decentralized operating system for the internet

We're building an operating system that extends into the internet - accessible from anywhere - using any web enabled device.

The next generation of user environments will be able to make use of the sharing economy for disk space, computing and services. FriendUP takes the first step.

The first Blockchain driven operating system

FriendUP is the first complete blockchain driven operating system! It connects various decentralized technology and puts an operating system on top.

By using its highlevel drivers, software developers can pick and choose technologies without having to alter application logic.

A user-owned cloud infrastructure and OS

Chrome OS and Books are tied to the Google cloud hegemony. In this day and age, it may be impossible to know where your data is stored, and who is accessing it.

Breakthroughs in trustless computing via encryption and Blockchain technologies allow us to build an entirely new user-owned cloud infrastructure where you control your own data.

A vision of a friendly computing paradigm

We are building a new decentralized cloud with an operating system built into it. This way, you can remain in control of the system you rely on to do your work, store your data and access your services through.

Open source to ensure techological permanence

Linux and other open source operating systems are here to stay because they are free, with source code developed by the community.

FriendUP follows in the same path to make sure that it can be updated continuously by its community.

Updates from the Friend Unifying Platform project

Live Webinar #2 from Stavanger and Hong Kong

Mar 22. 2018

Arne Peder Blix (CEO) and Hogne Titlestad (CTA) hosts a live Webinar from Token 2049 - answering questions from our community.

New video explaining the project released

Mar 06. 2018

The Friend Unifying Platform is a versatile and sizable system for creating virtual cloud computers. See our DeveloperWeek 2018, SF Bay Area tech talk.

Meet us at the EthCC conference in Paris

Mar 03. 2018

The 8th-10th of March, 2018, you will be able to find us at the Ethereum Community Conference in Paris, France.

Friend is being decentralized using the Ethereum blockchain. The EthCC conference is one of the biggest Ethereum conferences in Europe this year. If you are in the area, get in touch!

Please check out the conference here.

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